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One Of India's Top Travel Vloggers

Amit Singh aka Desi Tourist tries to encapsulate all of the wildly beautiful contradictory and harmony that is our world using his unique abilities with the camera and driving curiosity. Aside from sharing his adventures Desi Tourist is meant to be a place to learn and gain insight to better prepare for your own adventures. We hope you enjoy the content and always to share any questions or comments you have with us. Lets enjoy this place we call home together. 

Who Is Desi Tourist

  • Ardent world traveler haling from Delhi India
  • Rising travel vlogger with 10,000+ YouTube subscribers
  • Passionate travel cinematographer 

Helping & Inspiring

The videos Amit creates are not for himself, but meant to function dually as an inspiration for others to travel as well as educate on people on the places he does travel. We hope you enjoy the content on this website, learn, and join the wonderful community of travelers. 

Let's Work Together

We are here to make lasting beneficial partnerships between ourselves and for the Desi Tourist audience. We love to work with:

  • Local tourism boards
  • Quality accommodation providers
  • Trustworthy transportation
  • And MUCH MORE! So feel free to reach out.  


Latest Episode

First Day of the Caravan Road Trip and Popu did something I never expected.

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