Desi Tourist was founded by Amit Singh. 

“My Name is Amit.  I love to travel and have been travelling within and outside of India for last 6-7 years. I have travelled to 18+ countries so far and want to keep doing it for the rest of my life. Life is just not quite as beautiful without a bit of travel. I make videos of my travels so that I can share the experience with you all and hope to show in some way how beautiful the world is. In addition to that I travel on the cheap so I will aim to help you guys get the most of your travels on a limited budget.” – Amit

How To Use the Desi Tourist Vlog Series and Blog

Travel Vlog Series

The Travel Series is separated into each trip taken by Amit. The main page for the Travel Series has the first three episodes of the three most recent series. Click further into each specific series to see all the episodes and short descriptions for the entire series. The travel series serves as a documentation and cinematic perspective of Amit’s travel experiences.


The blog serves as a step by step how-to for each of Amit’s travels. While the blog is more toward entertainment and inspiration the blog serves as an informative guide on how to make the most of your travels in the destinations Amit has been from planning, transportation, food, accommodation, things to do, and everything in between. For any questions please comment on the blog.

Why The Desi Tourist Website Was Created

The Desi Tourist Website and blog were created with a few things in mind. First, was to share the travel stories of Amit Singh through his captivating travel vlog series. Second, its intended to be a hub for travel related information and resources to help all the experienced and not so experienced travelers out there eager to get out and explore. Third, simply to serve as inspiration to travel and give a glimpse into the beauty that envelopes our world. 

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