India To USA Travel Vlog Series

Join Desi Tourist As He Travels The Western US

“The USA is the most powerful country in this world. And like everyone I always dreamt of travelling to this country. I got the chance in 2019 to visit this gigantic nation. With this travel vlog series in the USA, I will be showcasing my first-hand travel experiences. I visited four cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco.


-Desi Tourist

Episode 1: India to USA Cheap Flights | My USA Holiday begins with A380

My trip to the United States started with making sure I found the right flight for the right price. Check out how I made it halfway around the world on a budget. 

Episode 2: Do this & You can also stay for free in the USA

Welcome to my USA Travel Vlog Series, Episode 2 – First Day in Los Angeles | Staying with an American in his House.

Episode 3: Santa Monica Pier California Beach

Welcome to my USA Travel Vlog Series, Episode 3 – Santa Monica – A Real Life GTA Location. I always dreamt of visiting Santa Monica as I have been visiting this place for years in the GTA game and have seen it so many times in so many famous Hollywood movies like Iron Man, 2012, Hancock, Star Trek, Forrest Gump, 24 and many more. Check out how I was able to experience this world famous place first hand.

Episode 4: Never go to this Unsafe Place in the USA. My worst Experience in Los Angeles

In this episode I will show my worst experience of travelling in USA till date. After visiting Santa Monica, I abruptly made a plan to stroll around Downtown LA. So I googled out the route and took Bus no 720 to 6th street, Downtown. But as soon as I reached this place what I saw was shocking. The place was full of homeless people living on the streets. It was very shady and at one point a man following me tried to start a fight. I wasn’t prepared for something like this at all. I had not imagined that the downtown of a city like Los Angeles could have a dark side like this. Watch to see how it all unfolded.