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Amit Singh is a dedicated and professional travel vlogger and content creator. The Desi Tourist website is geared for novice and experienced travelers alike looking for captivating travel videos and informative travel content for the budget minded traveler. Amit has worked in cooperation with local tourist boards, hospitality firms, airline companies, and various other travel centered businesses to bring his audience the type of value and trusted service he searches for.  

Why partner with Desi Tourist

Across various media platforms the Desi Tourist audience is highly engaged and motivated to follow Amit’s travel experiences and insight. The audience reaches over +100,000 when totaling his various social media platforms as well as Facebook groups he admins. 

Types of partnerships and marketing opportunities

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Brand collaborations on this website, the Desi Tourist Youtube Channel, the Desi Tourist Instagram page
  • Blog Promotions
  • Local tourism board collaborations 
  • Hotel and other forms of accomodation marketing on the website
  • Airline promotions via ad space or affiliate links

Feel free to reach out with any other potential partnering opportunities 


YouTube – 34,000 subscribers. Has reached 1,000,000+ views 

Instagram – 16,000+ followers

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Keep in mind we only work with brands and companies with a trusted public reputation or Desi Tourist and partners have personally had experience with. We would never promote any business or brand that we ourselves would not engage with or use.